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I have a class hierarchy as follows:

public class Parent {
    public int parentMethod(...) {...}

public class Child extends Parent {
    public int childMethod(...) {...}

I'd like to mock out an instance of the Child class, but parentMethod is called on that object frequently (as well as childMethod). The default EasyMock behavior when I try to use expect() on a parentMethod call is to use the real parentMethod, but that doesn't work because there's a bunch of state in the Parent class which I don't want to mock out. Is there any way to mock it out using createMockBuilder or any other EasyMock API?

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Try JMockit Expectations API –  Vivek Vermani Feb 1 at 22:37

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I think a partial mock is what you're thinking of.

Partial Mocks allow you to have a real object that has specific functionality (specific methods) mocked out. So the real state would be used when the parentMethod was called, but the childMethod could be mocked.

You then set your expectations and verify the mock in the same way as you would with a fully mocked object.

In terms of creating one in EasyMock, something like this will do the trick:

    final IMockBuilder<Child> mockBuilder = EasyMock.createMockBuilder(Child.class);
    final Child mockedChild = mockBuilder.createMock();


    //Whatever else happens in your test

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