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I have a value parameter inside an object which sometimes take the value of ´0´.

When the value is zero, I need to do this:

field_value = default_value || (prevail.widget.default_value === "0" ?
        "0" : prevail.widget.default_value) || undefined;

The value is set in a form input field as value property, so I'm always ending up with a "string" value, even if I'm passed an integer of 0.

Is there any way to not have to run the short-hand if-else statement? Because currently, if prevail.widget.default_value = 0, the value is not set to 0, but rather I'm ending up on the last OR.


    var a = undefined;
    var b = 0;
    var x = a || b || "hello";
    console.log(x)   // "hello", although I would like it to be 0.


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thx. lets try and see –  frequent Feb 1 at 22:49
prevail.widget.default_value === "0" ? "0" : prevail.widget.default_value is the same as prevail.widget.default_value. –  procrastinator Feb 1 at 22:51
what if b is undefined instead of 0? This will give me "undefined" instead of "hellO" –  frequent Feb 1 at 22:54
exact. Let's what else comes up. thx –  frequent Feb 1 at 22:54
I would do this : a || ((b || b === 0) ? b : 'hello'). –  procrastinator Feb 1 at 22:57

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