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I reticently delivered an app to the iOS App store on 1/24/2014. It's an iO7/iPhone only app and everything was delivered correctly. As of yesterday my app was approved and it is currently visible in the App Store.

I put together a small update and am currently working on getting it delivered using Application Loader.

However, now when I upload my production IPA it gets rejected due to what seems like a sdk error.

    Apple's web service operation was not successful
    Unable to authenticate the package: 806906410.itmsp
    ERROR ITMS-9000: "This bundle is invalid. Apple is not currently accepting applications built with this version of the SDK." at SoftwareAssets/SoftwareAsset (MZItmspSoftwareAssetPackage)

I'm struggling to figure out what has changed since I am building with the same SDK as I did last weekend.

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Are you building against the iOS 7 SDK? As of February 1st 2014 Apple requires new submissions to be built against the iOS 7 SDK, whereas previously you could have built against the 6.1 SDK. –  Aaron Golden Feb 1 at 23:11
Which version of xcode are you using? If you don't have the latest version yet try to update it. I have Version 5.0.2 (5A3005) –  Jafar Feb 1 at 23:11
Thanks, looks like I missed this. –  f-a Feb 2 at 2:02

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From the February 1st you can use only XCode 5.X and iOS7 SDK to create apps for the AppStore. Double check that you compiled your app with the correct XCode/SDK.

Information about this: https://developer.apple.com/news/?id=12172013a

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And to avoid any confusion, you can still support iOS 6 and earlier if needed by setting the "Deployment Target" appropriately. But the Base SDK must now be iOS 7.0 or later. –  rmaddy Feb 1 at 23:23

I was hoping your suggestion works but I got the error despite using Air 4.0 SDK. I didn't get this error when I uploaded it to the App Store a few days ago (I was already using Air 4.0 then). Does it really mean that Apple has limited development to using Xcode?


Updating to Air 4.0 SDK does work! But make sure what you have is Air 4.0 SDK for Flex Developers

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For Flex users with the same error message: you have to download the AIR 4.0 SDK beta from Adobe Lab: http://labs.adobe.com/downloads/air.html (for me, it was SDK for Flex, Mac) Then extract it (sudo tar jxvf air4-0_sdk_sa_mac.tbz2) and overlay it with the Flex SDK as explain in: http://www.247sw.ca/installing-flash-builder-4-7-and-air-3-5-for-windows-and-mac

Publishing to the AppStore is OK after that.

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I have update my air SDK then I have submit a new app through application loader. It was accepted. Now, I have an old app. I am trying to submit its updated version, but it shows me same error. What should I do now? Any idea –  Naveed Mansuri May 12 at 4:44

I was facing the same issue, i updated the Air 4.0 SDK, and it works fine! Make sure to update Air 4.0 SDK for Flex Developers. Please set xmlns="http://ns.adobe.com/air/application/14.0" inside --app.xml configuration file.

You can download the latest sdk from http://labs.adobe.com/downloads/air.html.

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I ran into the same issue, however in my case, the reason was because I had the latest Xcode beta for iOS 8 on my computer. Event I built from Xcode 5.1.1 GUI, the beta compiler was picked. Had to move beta to trash first to make a build for the store.

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