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I'm looking to manually generate a password to edit into /etc/shadow

Can someone tell me how I can create a hashed password that works in Ubuntu 12 with SHA512 encryption?

I'm trying to migrate some user accounts to a different installation and I don't have the OS, just the hard drive , so I need to manually create some password entries in /etc/shadow

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I believe the password is only a hash so you generate them by using a simple sha512 hash generator and enter your desired password into there

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sha512 is also not encryption it is used to generate a hash – sootie8 Feb 1 '14 at 23:45

I figured it out - it can be done a variety of ways with any interface that has access to the crypt library... you prepend $6$ plus an 8 character salt + $ to the SHA512 hashed version of the same.

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