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I am writing a function to only insert into mongodb if a document with a particular identity doesn't exist.


def insertOnlyIfNew(document, the_collection):
:param the_collection: mongodb collection

I plan to implement this by doing a find for the document's identifier (the identifier is not the ObjectId). If it does not exist, only then will I call


I am using CPython 2.7.5 & pymongo. Since the GIL is in effect, I can safely ignore race conditions. Right ?

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Wrong. =) Between the time that your application executes find() and the time you attempt to insert a document, several things can happen:

  1. If your application is multithreaded, another thread can modify the MongoDB collection. (Python releases the GIL while waiting for a network response.)

  2. Another process, perhaps on another machine, could connect to MongoDB and alter the collection.

But in this case your requirements are easily satisfied. Create a unique index on the field that must be unique. Whenever your application attempts to insert a document, if one already exists with the same identifier, PyMongo will raise DuplicateKeyError:

except pymongo.errors.DuplicateKeyError:
    print 'caught DuplicateKeyError'
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This is good advice. In my case, I will create a unique compound index. Thanks –  canadadry Feb 12 at 3:28

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