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I'm currently looking at the Play! Framework for Java, and I've run into a pretty curious error:

I've got a model with the following required fields (no other fields except an id)

private String content;

private String email;

private String title;

I've got the following methods in my Controller:

public static Result createEntry() {
    Form<BlogEntry> filledForm = blogEntryForm.bindFromRequest();
    if (filledForm.hasErrors()) {
        return badRequest(newentry.render(filledForm));
    BlogEntry entry = filledForm.get();
    return redirect(routes.BlogController.index());

public static Result newEntry() {
    return ok(newentry.render(blogEntryForm));

And the view looks like this:

@(blogform: Form[BlogEntry])
@import helper._

@main("New Blog Entry") {
    @form(routes.BlogController.createEntry()) {

        @if(blogform.hasErrors) {
            Errors in form
            @inputText(blogform("email"), '_label -> "Email")
            @inputText(blogform("title"), '_label -> "Title")
            @inputText(blogform("content"), '_label -> "Content")
            <button type="submit">Submit</button>

Now when I navigate to the form in my browser, and enter some data, then click "submit", I get redirected to the form, so the badRequest portion of the code was called. So I started logging the output of both form and validation errors, and this came out:

[debug] application - {content=test, title=test, email=me@example.com}

[debug] application - {content=[ValidationError(content,error.required,[])], title=[ValidationError(title,error.required,[])], email=[ValidationError(email,error.required,[])]}

The data is definitely there, and when I'm redirected to the form after submitting, the fields are still filled with the correct data. Am I missing something obvious here?

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Figured this out now: The reason was that I had no setters for the fields in my model. That way the form was unable to set the properties and failed silently.

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