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This question is an exact duplicate of:

I have the following query

var query = (from b in db.StudentProgressPerDay
             where b.Student.Equals(InputStudent)
             orderby b.Date
             select b);

and the following command which is runs ok

var dates = query.Select(x => EntityFunctions.DiffDays(query.Min(y => y.Date), x.Date));

When I add a toList() command at the end, the aforementioned function does not work but instead it gives an exception

An exception of type 'System.NotSupportedException' occurred in System.Data.Entity.dll but was not handled in user code

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Yes, this is also a question of mine. But why possible duplicate of that? This is a very different question applied at a similar code! –  Jim Blum Feb 2 at 2:14
@MarcinJuraszek I'd point out the question you referred to doesn't actually have an answer. –  Chris Hardie Feb 2 at 2:15
@MarcinJuraszek You have possibly added this, before even you read the question. I am asking why adding a toList() creates an exception, which is I think not similar with the other one –  Jim Blum Feb 2 at 2:16
Code is the same, exception is the same. There is no difference if you actually fire the query using ToList() or just iterating over results. The query is the problem, not ToList() method call. That's why I think it's a duplicate. But hey, it still needs 4 more people to think the same way to actually close it, right? So everybody feel free to answer it and show how ToList() causes completely correct LINQ to Entities query to fail. And btw. @ChrisHardie I don't think question has to have an answer to be a duplicated if it's posted by the same user. –  MarcinJuraszek Feb 2 at 2:20
@Jim-Blum You should perhaps update your original question with updated details, rather than post a very similar question. People have invested themselves by responding to your first question, providing more details to them could empower them to provide you with a meaningful response. –  Chris Hardie Feb 2 at 2:37
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EntityFunctions is specific to Linq-to-Entities. ToList creates a regular List, so any queries on the list will be Linq-to-Objects from that point.

Try the following:

var query = (from b in db.StudentProgressPerDay
                         where b.Student.Equals(InputStudent)
                         orderby b.Date
                         select b).ToList();

var dates = list.Select(x => (x.Date - query.Min(y => y.Date)).Days);
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