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I'm looking at visualization options for a graph database project that I have coming up. Part of the job is to provide an interactive visualization of the data for public website visitors.

The standard Neo4j Server Web Interface does all I would need it to and more. I was wandering if I could simply embed it in a webpage or provide a public url (that could be accessed without a login) that general users could use to view the visualization without being able to edit it or add nodes/relationships? If you know of any examples of how this can be done, I would be very grateful.


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The Neo4j browser is an Angular.js application using d3.js as visualization. The code is all open source an on https://github.com/neo4j/neo4j/tree/master/community/browser/lib/visualization so you can check it out there.

In general http://maxdemarzi.com is a good source for visualization blog posts as is http://neo4j.org/develop/visualization

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@Micahel : the link you have mentioned github.com/neo4j/neo4j/tree/master/community/browser/lib/… is not available right now..can you please update it so that it fits to current stable version 2.2.1 –  Lygub Org May 19 at 16:05
github.com/neo4j/neo4j/blob/2.2/community/browser/lib/… this is the current version of neo4j visualization –  Lygub Org May 23 at 7:55

Check out Neo4j GraphGists. A GraphGist allows you to embed a Neo4j database, Cypher queries, and visualize the results in a web page. Lots of examples listed on the GraphGist wiki.

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