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I get this error: undefined method 'stringify_keys' for "3":String after trying to edit my user resources. It seems the error is @user.update_attributes, but I don't understand why params[:id] won't work.

This is where it indicates the problem code is

def update
  @user = User.find(params[:id])
  if @user.update_attributes(params[:id])
    flash[:success] = "Profile updated"
    redirect_to @user
    render 'edit'

This is my update form

<h1>Update your profile</h1>

<div class="row">
  <div class="span6 offset3">

    <%= form_for(@user) do |f| %>
    <%if @user.errors.any? %>
    <div class="error_messages">
      <h2>Form is invalid</h2>
        <% for message in @user.errors.full_messages %>
        <li><%= message %></li>
        <% end %>
      <% end %>

      <%= f.label :username %>
      <%= f.text_field :username %>

      <%= f.label :email %>
      <%= f.text_field :email %>

      <%= f.label :password %>
      <%= f.password_field :password %>

      <%= f.label :password_confirmation, "Confirm Password" %>
      <%= f.password_field :password_confirmation %>

      <%= f.submit "Save changes", class: "btn btn-large btn-primary" %>
      <% end %>

Any help is appreciated!

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See also stackoverflow.com/questions/1815697/… –  Amar H-V Feb 2 at 5:32
Tried that change but it didn't work unfortunately-- –  google1254 Feb 2 at 5:48

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You have a bug...

This line


should be sending the user object

@user.update_attributes(params[:user]) # note sending agency as hash not the id

Although you might want to familiarize yourself with Strong Params if you're using Rails 4.

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