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I am soon going to be writing a component that takes metadata and generates dynamic SQL from it. Mostly we're talking SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE stuff but I suppose it's possible to have some CREATE/ALTER TABLE statements in there too.

I'm assured that no existing ORM solution fits the bill but otherwise the details on what where and how are still a little hazy.

I can write a SQL statement same as any other developer and have used NHibernate a little in the past but I know next to nothing of the theory behind databases or ORMs. I'd like to get my prep-work in so I'm looking for any suggested reading or code to go through.

By the way my coding environment is .NET (C#) and SQL Server.

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For SQL Server stuff there is pretty much no one on the planet who has the chops of Itzik Ben-Gan. He has several books on T-SQL itself and does an excellent job of getting you into theory and the inner workings of the language as well as the engine.

Just to give you an idea, most people who work with SQL Server have come across the ubiquitous blog of Pinal Dave, this post from his blog about Itzik is a pretty good testimony on this guy.

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Excellent! I'll look it up. –  George Mauer Jan 27 '10 at 23:22

Here are a few SQL generation and validation resources for you:

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