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am having a problem removing error decorators from my form..this is how i create my elements:


is there a way i can remove decorators from here or can it be done from the controller..i have researched on it but cant find a good answer..thanks in advance..

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Does this syntax work for element adding to form? –  php-dev Feb 2 at 15:55
yeah..it works..its just a section from the constructor.. –  Joss Feb 3 at 10:13

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It's basically impossible. If you really want to avoid one of the decorators while creating the element, you have to pass list of all desired decorators but one, for example:

// Zend_Form based class body
$this->addElement('text', 'myfield', array(
        'label' => 'My field',
        'decorators' => array(
                array('HtmlTag', array('tag' => 'div')),

However, simpler way is just removing single decorator by name, just after creating the element. If you're in Zend_Form based class, just invoke:


The removeDecorator() method is public, so you can use it in the controller:

$form = new My_Form();
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