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What is the fastest/easiest way to get an OAuth provider running in Java? Specifically, I need to authorize third-party apps to access certain web services (I'm thinking token authentication using OAuth).

I've been looking at Jersey's OAuth extension, but as mentioned here, it doesn't provide a full-fledged Service Provider.

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There are a few Java libraries out there for OAuth. Specifically, I'd have a look at this one. I haven't used it myself, but there is an example for running an OAuth Service Provider.

There's a list of libraries available on the OAuth website:

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I did eventually go for the net.oauth Java package. The net.oauth.example.provider was pretty useful. I also came across the Spring's OAuth tutorial: But since I'm not running Spring, it wasn't very useful for me. – jay_soo Feb 1 '10 at 17:04
Since so many people have viewed this, I just want to add that I took the example servlets in net.oauth.example.provider.servlets to handle OAuth (barely modified). The JavaScript client helped a lot to test my implementation. For protected resources, just make sure you validate the OAuthAccessor. – jay_soo Oct 25 '11 at 12:38

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