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I am facing a cookies problem in my website , I am using Scala with Play Framework 2.2.0. If user replaces cookies with another user's cookies it works there i want to stop that please give me any solution.I have changed and modify in application.conf file with all security but i did not get any effect in my application. If there is any type of trick or logic behind it please tell me.

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The advice in the Play CSRF documentation is correct and will protect against simple cookie-replacement attempts; make sure you add the CSRFFilter to your Global as directed and you should be protected against these types of attacks. –  millhouse Feb 2 at 8:32
thank you for giving me solution. Please tell me how can i implement it with cookies. Is it only way to secure cookies? thank you for giving me an idea to solve my problem. –  Rohit Sharma Feb 2 at 8:44

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