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Using Pear Wiki package, I tried using following code to convert some media wiki to plain text, but it does not work as expected. What is wrong with it?

require_once "Text/Wiki/Mediawiki.php";
$p=new Text_Wiki_Mediawiki();

echo $p->transform('==a title==[[ a link]]','plain');

// I expect "a title a link" but it returns: "==a title==[[ a link]]"
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Header declarations in the media wiki markup have to be on separate lines, so the following will work:

require_once "Text/Wiki/Mediawiki.php";
$p=new Text_Wiki_Mediawiki();

echo $p->transform("==a title==\n[[ a link]]","plain");
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Oh, this package built path to class dynamically and throw no exception. In addition to PEAR Text_Mediawiki package you should also get core PEAR packages and add its path to include_path.

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