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I want to toggle plus / minus icons on click on an accordian menu, the code I have at the moment changes all of the icons, how do I only switch the one which is clicked? Thanks.


<a href="#collapseOne" data-parent="#accordion" data-toggle="collapse"><div class="panel-heading prod-panel-heading">
  <h4 class="panel-title">Compare Prices <b class="prod-ico glyphicon glyphicon-minus-sign"></b></h4>


// toggle product tab icons
$(".prod-panel-heading").live("click", function() {


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What version of jQuery are you using? live() is now deprecated/removed and on() (in jQuery 1.7+) should be used instead. Prior to jQuery 1.7 the jQuery team (or the authors of their API pages, in the documentation for live()) recommend delegate() be used instead, for better performance. –  David Thomas Feb 2 at 12:15
thanks for the tip –  user1199795 Feb 4 at 10:39

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Try this:

$(".prod-panel-heading").on("click", function() {

   $(".prod-ico", this).toggleClass("glyphicon-minus-sign").toggleClass("glyphicon-plus-sign");  


Adding this after the class selector will point to all the classes belonging to the class you add a function too. Without it you point to all the classes of the entire page.

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Perfect, thanks! –  user1199795 Feb 2 at 12:16

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