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I am VERY new at Prolog I am looking for any beginner material on Prolog. I am very interested in learning the language. Where' s good place to start? Online preferably

I also am having a bit of trouble writing some code. I need to return a sentence but all I am getting is a list of atoms (i believe that's the term)

ex I get [the, cat, is, pretty] When I would really like to get [the cat is pretty].

    write(X), nl.

How can I turn this atom response into just a normal sentence?

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I learned it from learnprolognow.org, it's online, free, and quite good.

As for your sentence question, you'll need to print it word by word. Example:

    write(' '),

First you say that writing an empty list does nothing. Then you say that writing a list whose first element is H and the remainder of which is T entails writing the value of H, a space, then writing the rest of the list the same way.

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Thank you very much :D :D :D That seem to do that trick. Also, that site looks very helpful. Thank you once again. I'm glad I found this site. – Sally Walker Jan 28 '10 at 3:00
Please mark the answer as accepted if this solved your problem completely. – Max Shawabkeh Jan 28 '10 at 3:03

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