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Slight issue with Vagrant; I have the latest download of Vagrant (for Windows) installed. I've been able to download the files just fine.

However, after downloading the box, I've got a slight issue, in which when typing Vagrant up, it says:

"Vagrant has detected that the VirtualBox installed is not supported [...] 4.0, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3"

But I have 4.3.


Yes, the PATH var does link to VBoxManage.exe

Any help?

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Alright, this is just nuts. I installed VirtualBox 4.2.14, and Vagrant detected it... BUT it's not supported as it has some 'major' bug. So, cool, I decide to upgrade to 4.2.16, as it suggested me to do so. NOPE. Apparently I'm on an unsupported edition again. Come on, WHY –  Ariviie Feb 2 at 15:27
Nope, nothing registry wise indicates the version is anything, other than 4.3.0 –  Ariviie Feb 2 at 18:39

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Might be this issue, i.e. VirtualBox bug, but Vagrant 1.5 (unreleased at the moment) will try to get the version multiple times.

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