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Does anyone know how to directly format a Mifare classic 1k card as NDEF using java NFC tools library? I am using an ACR 122U reader/writer

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I use this code to format a Mifare Classik card to NDEF format

package name.leiqin.test.nfc;


import org.nfctools.NfcAdapter;
import org.nfctools.api.TagInfo;
import org.nfctools.ndef.NdefOperations;
import org.nfctools.ndef.NdefOperationsListener;
import org.nfctools.scio.Terminal;
import org.nfctools.scio.TerminalHandler;
import org.nfctools.scio.TerminalMode;
import org.nfctools.spi.acs.AcsTerminal;
import org.nfctools.spi.scm.SclTerminal;
import org.nfctools.utils.LoggingUnknownTagListener;
import org.slf4j.Logger;
import org.slf4j.LoggerFactory;

public class FormatCard implements NdefOperationsListener {
    private static final Logger logger = LoggerFactory

    public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException {
        TerminalHandler terminalHandler = new TerminalHandler();
        terminalHandler.addTerminal(new AcsTerminal());
        terminalHandler.addTerminal(new SclTerminal());

        Terminal terminal = terminalHandler.getAvailableTerminal(null);"terminal : {}", terminal);

        NfcAdapter adapter = new NfcAdapter(terminal, TerminalMode.INITIATOR);

        FormatCard formatListener = new FormatCard();
        adapter.registerTagListener(new Type2NfcTagListener(formatListener));
        adapter.registerTagListener(new MfClassicNfcTagListener(formatListener));

        adapter.registerUnknownTagListerner(new LoggingUnknownTagListener());"nfc adapter : {}", adapter);


        System.out.println("Waiting for tags, press ENTER to exit");;

    public void onNdefOperations(NdefOperations ndefOperations) {
        TagInfo tagInfo = ndefOperations.getTagInfo();"tag id : {}", toHex(tagInfo.getId(), ""));"tag type : {}", tagInfo.getTagType());

        if (ndefOperations.isWritable()) {
            if (ndefOperations.isFormatted()) {
      "tag is already formatred");
            } else {
      "format start");
      "format end");
        } else {
  "Tag not writable");

    public static String toHex(byte[] bs, String separator) {
        if (separator == null)
            separator = " ";
        StringBuffer sb = new StringBuffer();
        for (byte b : bs) {
            int i = b & 0xFF; 
            String hex = Integer.toHexString(i).toUpperCase();
            if (hex.length() == 1)
                hex = "0" + hex;
        sb.setLength(sb.length() - separator.length());
        return sb.toString();

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