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How do I combine two lists of strings into one list of strings?

For example, this:

["aaaaaa", "aaaaaa","aaaaaa"] 
["bbbb", "bbbb", "  bb"]

would go into this:

["aaaaaabbbb","aaaaaabbbb", "aaaaaa  bb"]
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what did you try? do you know hoogle? HINT: the function you are looking for works like a zipper With concatenation of lists. –  epsilonhalbe Feb 2 at 17:48
Thank you so much!! looks like the zipWith (++) function works my question! –  Janni Nevill Feb 2 at 17:50

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zipWith (++) ["aaaaaa", "aaaaaa","aaaaaa"] ["bbbb", "bbbb", " bb"]
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You can use zipWith:

concatStrings :: [String] -> [String] -> [String]
concatStrings = zipWith (++)
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