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i have incoming data that needs to be split into multiple values...ie.

2345\n564532\n345634\n234 234543\n1324 2435\n

The length is inconsistent when i receive it, the spacing is inconsistent when it is present, and i want to analyze the last 3 digits before each \n. how do i break off the string and turn it into a new string? like i said, this round, it may have 3 \n commands, next time, it may have 10, how do i create 3 new strings, analyze them, then destroy them before the next 10 come in?

string[] result = x.Split('\r');
result = x.Split(splitAtReturn, StringSplitOptions.None);
string stringToAnalyze = null;

foreach (string s in result)
    if (s != "\r")
        stringToAnalyze += s;

          how do i analyze the characters here?
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Did you try anything? –  Soner Gönül Feb 2 at 18:21
In your title there is the answer string.Split –  Steve Feb 2 at 18:23
I think your question is not what we are getting. Please try to make this more clear to get the solution. –  Sachin Feb 2 at 18:28
Remember that when you split a string, the char used as separator is removed from the resulting strings. It is a typo \r? do you mean \n? –  Steve Feb 2 at 18:53
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You could use the string.Split method. In particular I suggest to use the overload that use a string array of possible separators. This because splitting on the newline character poses an unique problem. In you example all the newline chars are simply a '\n', but for some OS the newline char is '\r\n' and if you can't rule out the possibility to have the twos in the same file then

string test = "2345\n564532\n345634\n234 234543\n1324 2435\n";
string[] result = test.Split(new string[] {"\n", "\r\n"}, StringSplitOptions.RemoveEmptyEntries);

Instead if your are certain that the file contains only the newline separator allowed by your OS then you could use

string test = "2345\n564532\n345634\n234 234543\n1324 2435\n";
string[] result = test.Split(new string[] {Environment.NewLine}, StringSplitOptions.RemoveEmptyEntries);

The StringSplitOptions.RemoveEmptyEntries allows to capture a pair of consecutive newline or an ending newline as an empty string.

Now you can work on the array examining the last 3 digits of every string

foreach(string s in result)
    // Check to have at least 3 chars, no less
    // otherwise an exception will occur
    int maxLen = Math.Min(s.Length, 3);
    string lastThree = s.Substring(s.Length - maxLen, maxLen);

    ... work on last 3 digits 

Instead, if you want to work only using the index of the newline character without splitting the original string, you could use string.IndexOf in this way

string test = "2345\n564532\n345634\n234 234543\n1324 2435\n";
int pos = -1;
while((pos = test.IndexOf('\n', pos + 1)) != -1)
    if(pos < test.Length)
        string last3part = test.Substring(pos - 3, 3);
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i understand how to use this, but i want to treat each of the result strings as substrings so i can analyze them –  darthwillard Feb 2 at 18:43
The substrings are in the array result each one at its own index. Sorry but it is not clear, could you give an example? –  Steve Feb 2 at 18:44
works great. thanks a bunch! –  darthwillard Feb 2 at 19:04
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string lines = "2345\n564532\n345634\n234 234543\n1324 2435\n";
var last3Digits = lines.Split("\r\n".ToCharArray(), StringSplitOptions.RemoveEmptyEntries)
                  .Select(line => line.Substring(line.Length - 3))

foreach(var my3digitnum in last3Chars)


last3Digits : [345, 532, 634, 543, 435]

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so now, i need to treat those values returned as strings, how do i evaluate them every time? i don't want to just print them, how do i retrieve them to analyze each one separately> –  darthwillard Feb 2 at 18:42
@darthwillard last3Digits is a List<string>. I don't understand what you mean by how do i evaluate them every time Do you want to iterate over it. then use for loop. foreach(var i in last3Digits) –  L.B Feb 2 at 18:43
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Your answer is: theStringYouGot.Split('\n'); where you get an array of strings to do your processing for.

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