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I am trying to add a zoom behavior to this lines chart (jsfiddle)

I created the behavior like this:

zoomed = ->
  svgContainer.select(".x.axis").call xAxis
  svgContainer.select(".y.axis").call yAxis
  svgContainer.select(".line.matched_peak").attr("d", msBars);

zoom = d3.behavior.zoom()
                 .scaleExtent([1, 10])
                 .on("zoom", zoomed)

svgContainer.call zoom

where the scaling functions are already defined.

So it redraws and rescales both axis alright, but how can the data (lines here) can be redrawn? I have tried to do it with the line.

      svgContainer.select(".line.matched_peak").attr("d", msBars);

(I see something like that this similar question) . In my case msBars is the part where I bind my data to lines and scale them. But I am not sure what it does, and it does not feel alright here.

So, how a function to redraw the data can be applied?

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You quite simply do the same thing you did to draw the data in the first place, minus the .append(). So in your case, that would be

    .attr("x1", (d) -> return xScale(d.m_mz) )
                    .attr("y1", h - padding)
                    .attr("x2", (d) -> return xScale(d.m_mz) )
                    .attr("y2", (d) -> return yScale(d.m_intensity) )
    .attr("x", (d) -> return xScale(d.m_mz) )
                       .attr("y", (d) -> return  yScale(d.m_intensity) )

I've also applied the classes you're selection is based on to the created elements so that the selection works. Complete example here.

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That definitely put me on the right path, however do you know if there is a function to set the boundaries or limits of the zooming? Because I see now some lines go out of the x and y axis lines... –  Vital V Feb 2 '14 at 20:54
You can limit the scale/translation like in this example. –  Lars Kotthoff Feb 2 '14 at 21:04
And also, for panning, I see I can pan the graph up so the y values go below 0... Is there a way to prevent that? –  Vital V Feb 2 '14 at 21:05
I see, I will look at that example, thanks @Lars –  Vital V Feb 2 '14 at 21:07

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