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I am using Ruby on Rails 4.02 and netzke (extjs) in my application.

I have a complex panel, with three components:

  • a list of persons (the people component)
  • a detail view of that person (the person_detail component)
  • a grid with linked items (less important for this problem)

When I click in the list of persons, the detail form and linked grid are set correctly, using the following initializer:

c.init_component = <<-JS
    // calling superclass's initComponent

    // setting the 'rowclick' event
    var view = this.getComponent('people').getView();

    // provide a colouring of the row based on the mailing-status
    view.getRowClass = function(record, index) {
      var rowClass = 'mailing-success';
      switch(record.data.mailing_status_id) {
        case 1:
        case 3:
          rowClass = "mailing-sent";
        case 2:
          rowClass = "mailing-received";
        case 4:
          rowClass = "mailing-success";
        case 5:
          rowClass = "mailing-success";
        case 6:
          rowClass = "mailing-noreply";
      return rowClass;

    view.on('itemclick', function(view, record){
      // The beauty of using Ext.Direct: calling 3 endpoints in a row, which results in a single call to the server!
      this.selectPerson({person_id: record.get('id')});
    }, this);


Now, when a change is made in the details_form, I want this change to be reflected in the people grid.

So, the simple solution: listen for the afterapply event on the details_form, and after applying, trigger a reload of the data in the people grid.

Problem: I can not catch this event at all.

I am able to enable listening to this event once, using my javascript console, using the following code:

container = Ext.ComponentManager.get('application_container__application__main_tab_panel__people_parcels')
container.getComponent('person_details').getComponent('details_form').on('afterapply', function() { console.log('XXX APPLIDE!');}, this);

This works, but only until the next netzkeReload (or clicking on another person).

So my question is, hopefully, simple: how can I catch the afterApply event consistently to sync my details-form and my grid.


For completeness: some things I tried, without succes:

  • in the init_component (js) of person_details try to attach a afterapply handler. Problem: the init_component only seems to be called when loading the panel, not when reloading the detail_form
  • I did find a way to hook into the netzkeReload --> is there a callback? did not find it.
  • I tried to overrule the apply button code, and failed (but this is awfully ugly, there is an event, I should be able to hook into that).
  • on the itemclick event, define the afterapply handler for the details_form ... problem: the netzkeReload is not yet done, so it will overwritten, and my event handler is then gone.

Any help will be greatly appreciated :)

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It looks like you may want to try out the "submitsuccess" event, which fires after the server responds to the form application. –  mxgrn Feb 3 at 3:49

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