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I want to rename a resource in a Rails app, and have all the old routes redirect to the new ones for backwards compatibility with old links. For example, rename 'user' to 'member' and have all arbitrary route such as example.com/user/1/posts/all?order=date redirected to example.com/member/1/posts/all?order=date

How can I set up the routes.rb file to redirect all paths to another route, but maintaining all the path params after what I'm looking to match (including url params)?

It should also work, for example, for example.com/user/no/real/path?foo=bar, which should redirect to example.com/member/no/real/path?foo=bar

Basically I want to redirect any path to path.sub(/\A\/user/, '/member')

I checked out this answer, but it does not seem to work with the parameters.

This is the solution I have so far, pretty awful:

get 'user/*path', to: redirect{|params, request|
    path = params[:path].sub('/user', '/member')
    params = request.params.except(:path).map{|k,v| "#{k}=#{v}"}.join('&')
    if params.presence
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Did you set up the original route as resources :users? –  depa Feb 2 at 20:57
I did, but it includes several custom member and collection routes, so that can't be used to solve the issue –  Nicolas Feb 2 at 21:13
Did you try this answer? stackoverflow.com/a/4814366/1512956 –  depa Feb 2 at 21:43
Yes, the problem there is with the parameters, they are not passed on to the redirected route. –  Nicolas Feb 2 at 21:48

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