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I'm wondering whether in Scala-IDE is there possibility to jump from inferred value/variable to type of this variable. I can only see type information in tooltip while hovering over variable.

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You can use Ctrl+Shift+T to find type that you see in tooltip.

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I know that. But I want to omit this step. You can even hold mouse cursor for a while over tooltip, and you are able to copy (ctrl+c) type name, but this is not the point. –  kwz Feb 2 at 20:58

There is a slightly better workaround in the current nightlies of Scala IDE. A feature has been added to make inferred types explicit.

Put the caret on the line declaring the val/var and use Ctrl+1. You should see the quick fix Add explicit type .... Then you can navigate to the type.

If you have a good idea on how to improve the UI to make this navigation possible, please open a feature request.

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What version of scala-ide you are talking about? 3.x or 4.x? –  kwz Mar 22 at 19:10
It is a new feature in 4.x. –  skyluc Mar 25 at 22:42

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