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I am not a programmer in real life, I just learn it for fun and to pass my free time. So I am kinda away from programmers` environment and always have problems with terminology, so please forgive my ignorance if my question was too easy.

Can someone tell me if I am right or wrong here:

enter image description here

  1. Context
  2. ???
  3. Entity

Am I right? and what's number 2 called?

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2: entity collection or table from the context –  spajce Feb 2 at 20:43
Technically, it's a DbSet, which is probably misnamed.. it should be an EntitySet or DbEntitySet, as in a set of entities. A set is a type of collection. #3 is actually an IQueryable result, since you did not specify a statement that returns a single item. If you said .Where().Single() it would be an entity that was returned. –  Erik Funkenbusch Feb 2 at 22:18

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  1. Context
  2. Entity Collection
  3. Query result / collection
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So what is entity? I thought it is the object that holds the data? –  MeNoTalk Feb 2 at 20:43
@MIH: Yes, for a single row/object. You don't have any in that code. (you probably want to call First() rather than Where()) –  SLaks Feb 2 at 20:45
Yup, I was just making a smaple code, I missed that :) thanks –  MeNoTalk Feb 2 at 20:45

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