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Let's imagine a melted data.frame with 3 different "classes", like the example data below:

df <- data.frame(class1 = c(rep("A", 5), rep("B",5)), class2 = c(rep(c(1,2), 5)), class3 = c(rep("C", 2), rep("D", 3), rep("C",3), rep("D",2)), v=rnorm(10))

Now, suppose I wanted to re-arrange the data so that we have class3 (which is "C" and "D") in the first column, and class1 and class2 in the first line, and each cell gives us the sum of these groups.

The way I do this now is with the dcast function of reshape2 package:

df.cast <- dcast(class3~class1+class2, data=df, sum)

But the output is not that pretty:


 class3        A_1        A_2        B_1       B_2
1      C -0.1959956  0.6220674  0.6344104 0.2588692
2      D  0.8561248 -0.1179559 -0.1825732 0.9578903

And if you have more than 3 classes, it becomes more clumsy.

Is there a way to format the data so it would be more like this?

          _________A_________   ________B_________
class3        1          2          1         2
1      C -0.1959956  0.6220674  0.6344104 0.2588692
2      D  0.8561248 -0.1179559 -0.1825732 0.9578903

Actually, the real situations I have to deal are a little more complex than this example, to be more specific the output I expect would be something like this.

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We have to assume that you have checked the first hit for a search for publication quality tables? And two clicks away from that? Didn't you find any suggestions of tools there helpful? –  Henrik Feb 2 '14 at 22:16
When I did the search, I did not use the "quality" word, I used multiple category instead and the results were not good. I will check these questions and answers you have pointed and if the answer is there I will delete my question! Thanks –  Carlos Cinelli Feb 2 '14 at 22:23
OK! If you stumbled into more specific LaTeX problems later, I can also highly recommend tex.stackexchange.com. Good luck! –  Henrik Feb 2 '14 at 22:32
I think the tables package is just what I was looking for! –  Carlos Cinelli Feb 2 '14 at 22:42
+1 for tables package. Also see this post gforge.se/2014/01/fast-track-publishing-using-knitr-part-iv –  rawr Feb 2 '14 at 23:03

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