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I am working on learning Windows Forms with C# and have a bare bones application. I am trying to close it when the user selects File->Exit. I have an event handler attached to it and I have tried calling Application.Exit(), Application.ExitThread() and just closing the form. Nothing. It stays there. I'm not creating any other threads of any sort either.

Ideas? Thanks.

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this.Close()? –  Anon. Jan 28 '10 at 1:30
Likely the event handler isn't being called. If you set a breakpoint is it hit? Post some code. –  John K Jan 28 '10 at 1:31
Does the application terminate properly when you press Alt+F4 with the form active? –  Jay Jan 28 '10 at 1:35

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Have you tried to put a breakpoint in the event handler to see if it is being hit?

If so, the application won't exit if the window messages aren't being delivered (i.e. the UI thread is blocked). One way to test this is to call Environment.Exit() which is more brutal about forcing a close. If this succeeds, you can then figure out why Application.Exit() isn't working.

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auto completion in VS screwed me up. I was assigning the delegate to another similarly named menu item. –  Casey Jan 28 '10 at 1:42

Application.Exit isn't the normal way to close a GUI application. Use form.Close instead.

  private static void OnMenuClose_Click(object sender, System.EventArgs e)
     Form dlg = ((Control) sender).FindForm();
     //dlg.DialogResult = DialogResult.OK;
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does that work if you have mutliple forms? –  Casey Jan 28 '10 at 1:58
It does if you do it to the main form. If all other forms are children they will be destroyed automatically. –  John Knoeller Jan 28 '10 at 2:03

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