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What are those @attributes thing I have in my JSON file and how can I read that with JQuery?

The JSON "text" I use is produced with json_encode in PHP from an array of custom objects.

Here's a reduced JSON file:

{ "movies" : [ { "url":"http:\/\/\/watch?v=Nsd7ZcXnL6k", title":{"@attributes":{"type":"text"},"0":"**Title here**"} ] }

I can read the URL easily with the following code :

 $.getJSON(url, function(json){
    $.each(json.movies,function(i,item) {

How can I read the title Title here value ?


Well, I still don't know what the @attributes are, but I know why they were in my final JSON file. I was using $sxml = simplexml_load_file($feedURL); to read a XML and then $sxml->title to read a title, wich is not a string apparently but some kind of PHP object.

Instead of

$this->title = $sxml->title

I used

$this->title = $sxml->title . ""

(Ot's converting the object into a string value). Maybe there's a more intelligent way of doing this?

If you have a recent PHP, it supports casting, so you can use


and it'll work.

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$.getJSON(url, function(json){

    $.each(json.movies,function(i,item) {
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Ah, that's what that 0 is for! Thanks! ;) – mrmuggles Jan 28 '10 at 3:35

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