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Ok. I've been at this over and over. I've seen blogs and cocoa dev threads. I've seen Kyle Sluder's proposed solution, but have yet to find a solution that really works.

How can you position subviews of an NSScrollView with auto layout?

Is it just silently broken ? Nothing seems to work.

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can you be more specific? What seems to be the problem with autolayout and NSScrollView. –  lead_the_zeppelin Feb 4 at 15:06
Oh, the fact that nobody seems to have a way to to add Auto Layout constrained views to the document view of an NSScrollView without having ambiguous layout. –  uchuugaka Feb 4 at 15:45
I can get where some things appear, but controlling constants and repositioning, stinks and is broken mostly. So, I've been building my own scrollview that is auto layout friendly. Only hard part is NSScroller really. –  uchuugaka Feb 4 at 15:46

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Have you tried setting the document view's setTranslatesAutoresizingMaskIntoConstraints to TRUE?

[_scrollView.documentView setTranslatesAutoresizingMaskIntoConstraints:YES];
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or you could re-size subviews manually in -resizeSubViewsWithOldSize: –  lead_the_zeppelin Feb 4 at 17:55
@uchuugaka did either work? Did you figure out another way? –  lead_the_zeppelin Feb 5 at 23:38
Still investigating. I have found a way by not using NSScrollView but it presents a bag of other problems. Still testing out various approaches. –  uchuugaka Feb 9 at 9:55

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