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String s2("hi");

Do I have to write an implicit string constructor

String::String(const char* str);


would this constructor handle it:

String::String(const String &str);

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So, when you tried this, what did you learn? –  Kerrek SB Feb 3 at 6:15

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When you create this string object, string (const char* s) constructor will be called, so there is a no need of writing a constructor.

Here are the constructors which are defined inside the std::string class

string (const string& str); 
string (const string& str, size_t pos, size_t len = npos);  
string (const char* s); 
string (const char* s, size_t n);   
string (size_t n, char c);  
template <class InputIterator>
  string  (InputIterator first, InputIterator last);

Further don't try to edit some standard libraries, It will lead to unwanted issues. if you want any customized functions, write a wrapper of your own.

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std::string already has a constructor to handle this. std::string s2("hill") will work without any problem.

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