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I am looking for an example pom.xml and settings.xml setup that shows how to deploy to github pages that uses the standard maven site deployment target site-deploy and is also multi-module.

Specifically I am looking for one that works in both Windows as well as UNIX.

Searching around, I haven't found an example that works. Some of the ones I have looked at are:

None of them work as well as the wagon-ftp.

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Have you looked at GitHub's site-maven-plugin? It seems to be exactly what you want.

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I have, but there's no example of it that shows how it works with multiproject. I couldn't get it working with that either. –  Archimedes Trajano Feb 24 at 19:48
Yeah, issue #22 implies that either it doesn't work or it isn't obvious... –  The Doctor What Feb 25 at 20:38
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I released a plugin that will handle the multi-module project scenario with github pages. It is a matter of setting the following dependency on maven-site-plugin


The following is the multi-module example https://github.com/trajano/app/tree/wagon-git-example which can be seen at http://site.trajano.net/app/

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