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In Python's mechanize.Browser module, when you submit a form the browser instance goes to that page. For this one request, I don't want that; I want it just to stay on the page it's currently on and give me the response in another object (for looping purposes). Anyone know a quick to do this?

EDIT: Hmm, so I have this kind of working with, which returns a urllib2 request, but I need the cookies from mechanize's cookiejar to be used on my urllib2.urlopen request. Is there a method in mechanize that will let me send a request just like urllib2 with the exception that cookies will be imported?

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The answer to my immediate question in the headline is yes, with mechanize.Browser.open_novisit(). It works just like open(), but it doesn't change the state of the Browser instance -- that is, it will retrieve the page, and your Browser object will stay where it was.

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