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I have a MySQL table with 125 records, the primary key is the id field.

I'm trying to output the rows depending on how the user submits the new order via a web form.

For example, if the form data comes back as 3,54,32,112,99, I build the following query:

SELECT * FROM my_table WHERE id=3 OR id=54 OR id=32 OR id=112 OR id=99

I need the output to be row 3 first, then row 54, 32 etc... But instead it just uses the default ORDER BY clause and orders the output in ascending order.

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Try using FIND_IN_SET():

SELECT * FROM my_table
         WHERE id IN (3,54,32,112,99)
         ORDER BY FIND_IN_SET(id,'3,54,32,112,99')
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Thank you!!! :) –  user2597933 Feb 4 '14 at 2:28

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