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public sealed partial class MainPage : Page

    DispatcherTimer timer = new DispatcherTimer();
    public MainPage()
        timer.Interval = TimeSpan.FromMilliseconds(1);
        timer.Tick += timer_Tick;

    void timer_Tick(object sender, object e)

        DateTime mytime = DateTime.Now;
        string time12 = mytime.ToString("hh:mm:ss tt"); // time 12 hours
        string Use24H = mytime.ToString("HH:mm:ss");   // time 24 hours
        dititalclock.Text = time12;


<Grid Background="{ThemeResource ApplicationPageBackgroundThemeBrush}">
    <TextBlock x:Name="dititalclock" HorizontalAlignment="Left" TextWrapping="Wrap" VerticalAlignment="Top" Height="537" Width="1366" FontSize="300" FontFamily="Digital-7" Margin="0,231,0,0" Foreground="#FFE42525"/>


Setting Page

public sealed partial class SettingsFlyout1 : SettingsFlyout
    public SettingsFlyout1()



<!-- This StackPanel acts as a root panel for vertical layout of the content sections -->
<StackPanel VerticalAlignment="Stretch" HorizontalAlignment="Stretch" >

    <!-- The StackPanel(s) below define individual content sections -->

    <!-- Content Section 1-->
    <StackPanel Style="{StaticResource SettingsFlyoutSectionStyle}">

        <!-- Section 1 header -->

        <!-- Section 1 body -->

    <TextBlock TextWrapping="Wrap" Text="24 Hours" Height="28" FontSize="25"/>
    <ToggleSwitch x:Name="utctime24" Header="ToggleSwitch" HorizontalAlignment="Stretch" VerticalAlignment="Stretch" Height="88" Width="187"/>

    <!-- Define more Content Sections below as necessary -->


*i want to togle switch on then time display as 24 hours mode , its of then 12 hours an save the setting , if i am close the app start again whiich seeting i am saved that will deafult an run the app (if togle switch on 24 hours mode and close app it setting permanent , togle swich is of then 12 hours mode seeting permanent ) plase help or any sample app for how to app setting work i don't need windows sdk sample its only showing how to add setting , i want how to work with that setting *

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What's not clear in the SDK sample and what have you tried so far? – ChristiaanV Feb 3 '14 at 8:58
yes but sdk sample only showing how to add a setting page , i want add a setting work with that setting – Sentil Sebastian Feb 3 '14 at 10:19

In order to do this, you need to save the values in ApplicationData.LocalSettings.

Then, when you load the app, you need to populate those fields based on the stored settings. I suggest creating a SettingsViewModel to accomplish this. It can both initialize itself (and read in the data from the settings object) and provide binding accessors for your flyout.

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