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I want to get the facebook friends birthdays for a particular date.For example i want to get the friends birthday on date of feb 5th 2014.Is it possible.If it is possible please guide me and give your suggestions and code.

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Did u checked the Facebook API??? –  Swati Feb 3 at 7:27
Check this url:stackoverflow.com/questions/15037466/…. It is for android but you can easily convert into iOS code. –  Siddh Feb 3 at 7:29
Thanks for giving your support - @swathi and siddh –  Goutham Feb 3 at 10:39

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You can use FQL to achieve this. Remember that you need the "friends_birthday" permission!

Try the following FQL query:

SELECT name, birthday, birthday_date FROM user 
WHERE uid in (SELECT uid2 FROM friend WHERE uid1 = me()) 
    AND (substr(birthday_date, 0, 2) = "02")
    AND (substr(birthday_date, 3, 2) = "05")

Try it here:


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Thanks for giving this FQL query @tobi –  Goutham Feb 3 at 10:40
You're welcome! Glad I could help... –  Tobi Feb 3 at 10:48

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