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I am new to liftweb i am trying Lift Comet sample.

my html:-

 <div data-lift="comet?type=Clock">
   Current Count: <clk:count style="display:center">Missing count</clk:count>
   CurrentLinks: <clk:links style="display:center">Missing links</clk:links>

my comet class:-

 class Clock extends CometActor {
   override def defaultPrefix = Full("clk")
   val (count,templateNames) =
     ExampleModel.retrieve() //**adding or deleting names from DB**

   def render = bind(
     "count" -> count,
     "links" -> templateNames.map(c => <a href="{c}">{c}</a>)

   def timeSpan = (<span id="time">{timeNow}</span>)

   // schedule a ping every 10 seconds so we redraw
   ActorPing.schedule(this, Tick, 10000L)

   override def lowPriority : PartialFunction[Any, Unit] = {
     case Tick =>
       val (count1,templateNames1) = ExampleModel.retrieve()

       println("Got tick " + templateNames1.length)
       //here Showing Length count fine**

         Text(templateNames1.map(c => <a href="{c}">{c}</a>).toString())
       // schedule an update in 10 seconds
       ActorPing.schedule(this, Tick, 10000L)

 case object Tick

When adding and removing Names in DB it showing the Count Fine in console But the UI is not binding the latest names(when adding and removing in DB) in front end dynamically.

How to get the correct result without refreshing?

Best Regards


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The sample you are working with is very old. Binding by XML namespace was replaced with CSS selectors quite a while ago. It's very hard for anyone who is used to working with Lift these days to follow this. I'd suggest that you find a new sample. If you don't know where, the Lift mailing list would be a great place to ask: groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/lift –  Dave Whittaker Feb 5 at 23:26

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