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I know that I can forward declare a class as follows:

class Foo;

// ... now I can use Foo*

However, can I do something like this:

class Bar {
    virtual void someFunc();
// ... somehow forward declare Class Foo as : public Bar here
someFunc(Foo* foo) {
  foo -> someFunc();

class Foo: public Bar {



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For the record, the compile error is invalid use of undefined type 'struct Foo'. – Josh Lee Feb 2 '10 at 10:45

You can forward declare Bar as class Bar; and change the signature of someFunc to take a Bar* as parameter. Since someFunc() is a virtual method in the base class, it should work.

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After your forward declaration Foo becomes an incomplete type and it will remain incomplete until you provide the definition of Foo. While the Foo is incomplete any attempt to dereference a pointer to Foo is ill-formed. So to write


you need to provide Foo's definition.

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