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We have our custom node type "ns:Document" with property "ns:id". Is it possible to find node (ns:Document) by property (ns:id) when we increase document version and save new document content with new "ns:id"?

this xpath:

//element(*)[(@ns:id = 'someUniqueID')]

finds only actual version, not "frozenNode". Is it possible to find "frozenNode" by property?

Thanks in advance!

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You need to configure a repository-wide SearchIndex as well as a workspace SearchIndex. Do that by adding a SearchIndex element inside your repository element, in your repository config. Once you have done that, the search will automatically search on both the workspace and repository-wide search indexes.

You can search on frozen nodes with eg.

SELECT * FROM [nt:frozenNode] AS document WHERE ...

I've used JCR-SQL2 as you added it as a label :)

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