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I am stuck with a little problem: The background Color of my Ribbon clashes badly with the default color of the RibbonGroups. I am unable to change the color to something more readable, like plain black. I tried to set the TextBlock.Foreground Property and that changes the appearance in VS 2012, but not when the program is running.

The XAML is very straightforward: I am using the stock Ribbon, no third party Controls.

            <RibbonTab x:Name="RTabPowerPoint" Header="Powerpoint">
                <RibbonGroup Header="Allgemeines">
                    <RibbonButton x:Name="cmdLoadPowerPoint" SmallImageSource="/Images/powerpoint-26.png" LargeImageSource="/Images/powerpoint-32.png" Label="Lade Datei"/>
                    <RibbonButton x:Name="CmdLoadBPZ" SmallImageSource="/Images/open_in_browser-26.png" LargeImageSource="/Images/open_in_browser-32.png" Label="Lade Vorlage"/>
                    <RibbonButton x:Name="cmdSaveOpenFiles" SmallImageSource="/Images/save-26.png" LargeImageSource="/Images/save-32.png" Label="Speichere Vorlage"/>
                    <RibbonButton x:Name="cmdChangeFiledestinationPowerPoint" SmallImageSource="/Images/sinchronize-26.png" LargeImageSource="/Images/sinchronize-32.png" Label="BLA"/>
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If you want to change colour of RibbonTab.Header then you can use TextBlock instead and change its Foreground

<RibbonTab x:Name="RTabPowerPoint">
      <TextBlock Text="Powerpoint" Foreground="Aqua"/>

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Not as nice as "Header="bla", but it works! Thank you very much! –  Christian Sauer Feb 3 at 11:54

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