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I've been working with SQL queries in Sublime Text recently and I find myself needing to wrap words with grave accents a lot.

For standard single and double quotes, sublime text allows you to select text and hit a quote key to wrap the selected text in the quote. For example, hello world becomes "hello world"

However, there is currently no way I can figure out how to perform the same action with grave accents (`). (hello world just gets overwritten with `)

Will I need to create a snippet to enable such an action, or is there an easy way to define what can wrap around selected text?

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See Modify auto_match of quotes, adding an additional quoting character to Sublime Text 2. You can add a context entry for SQL if you would only like the behavior in SQL files.

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Excellent. Nice find, thank you! I've voted this question as a duplicate. –  Sean Feb 4 '14 at 9:46

Just to mark progress on this, I easily created a snippet to perform this action:


And added a key binding in my user preferences:

    "keys": ["`"], 
    "command": "insert_snippet", 
    "args": {"name": "Packages/User/Grave Accent.sublime-snippet"} 

In this case, my saved snippet was called "Grave Accent.sublime-snippet".

The issues in this case is that using a grave accent immediately after still creates two, when the other auto quoters simply add one.

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