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I'm building a website using the Flask Framework and I now run into an error which I don't understand. For the simple base.html file I pasted below I'm gettig a TemplateSyntaxError: expected token 'end of statement block', got 'session', even though I clearly end the if with the {% endif %}.

Does anybody know what I'm doing wrong here?

<!doctype html>
<div class="page">
    <div class="metanav">
        {% if not in session.logged_in %}
        {% endif %}
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In the following line, the code is missing an operand for not in operator.

{% if ?? not in session.logged_in %}

Or, you maybe mean not operator:

{% if not session.logged_in %}
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I indeed meant the not operator. I totally read over the in coming after that. I guess it was just a stupid habit doing typing thw in after the not. Thanks a million! –  kramer65 Feb 3 at 12:52

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