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is it possible to iterate through until the end of list in main() function using the const_iterator? I tried using iter->end() but i can't figure it out.

#include <list>
#include <string>
using std::list;
using std::string;

class list_return
list <string>::const_iterator get_list()
return _list.begin();
list <string> _list;

int main()  
   list_return lr;

   list <string>::const_iterator iter = lr.get_list();

   //here, increment the iterator until end of list

return 0;
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You seem to have 'encapsulated' the list without exposing a way to access the end() method of the list which you need for your iteration to know when to finish. If you add a method that returns _list.end() to your list_return class (I've called it get_list_end) you could do something like this:

for (std::list<std::string>::const_iterator iter = lr.get_list();
        iter != lr.get_list_end();
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There is no automatic way to know the end of the list given an iterator. You need a function which returns the end of the list. You can provide something like like const_iterator get_list_end().

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