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I know how to create an svn branch w/git. But, can I do that off of a past revision/commit ?

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Answer for myself (and anyone else) - not strictly git-svn, but it works:

svn copy https://foo.com/svn/bar/trunk/@6635 https://foo.com/svn/bar/branches/mybranch -m 'creating a branch'
# in your git working directory
git svn fetch
git branch -a

You should see remotes/mybranch in that list, now create a local branch that tracks that remote

git checkout -b local_mybranch remotes/mybranch
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You just need to switch to (checkout) that revision first. Here's an example using git-svn only:

git checkout <sha1-of-past-commit>
git svn branch -m "Create branch for v1.2.3 hotfixes" hotfix-1.2.3
git checkout -b hotfix-1.2.3 remotes/hotfix-1.2.3

Tested on Git for Windows 1.9.0.msysgit.0.

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