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My newly created report is not running even after i scheduled it. I couldn't even find it in schedule management--> view future activities, even after i schedule it many times in the future time. Please help me where I went wrong.


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What happens if you view the run history for the report? (Click on the More link, then Run History). –  Andrew Feb 3 '14 at 15:30

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There is likely an issue with the JobService.

First, set the logging to full:

  • From Cognos Connection > Launch > IBM Cognos Administration
  • On the Left Pane > Status > System
  • Drill down on the server until you see the services
  • JobService > Down Arrow > Set properties
  • Settings tab
  • Audit logging level for job service > Full

Review the log file:

  • Schedule the report
  • Remote log on to the server
  • Go to INSTALL_PATH\cognos\c10_64\logs (this is my Windows path)
  • Open cogserver.log

Find the relevant line. This should give you insight as to why it is failing.

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