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In a site I have:

<p id="tempid" value="Manual Effect">testing the test</p>
String value = (String)((JavascriptExecutor) this).executeScript("return window.document.getElementById('tempid').value");
System.out.println("value is : " + value);

I am getting null value or nothing.
I want to get the test "testing the test" as output.

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Why are you using JavaScript in the first place? –  Arran Feb 3 at 12:43
typecasting webdriver –  Harish Naidu Feb 3 at 12:51
Well why? You are getting the text from an element. You can do that without JavaScript. –  Arran Feb 3 at 12:52
If you are using Java script, you don't need WebDriver. On a side note, value attribute is not text –  nilesh Feb 3 at 15:23

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Like everyone already mentioned. Don't use Javascript. If you do, you don't need WebDriver.

WebElement para = driver.findElement(By.id("tempid"));
String text = para.getText(); //this will return "testing the test"
String value = para.getAttribute("value"); //this will return "Manual Effect"
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(String) ((JavascriptExecutor) this)
                    .executeScript("return window.document.getElementById('tempid').innerHTML");
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Simple use webdriver.findElement(By.Id('tempid')) . Why are you using Javascript? It is also visible. Its not a good practice. –  A Paul Feb 3 at 12:59
Actually i tried with that also but i am not creating an object just inheriting the firefox driver so i used super word but it throwing error super is a reserved identifier –  Harish Naidu Feb 3 at 13:10
Show us the code what you are doing and the stack trace. –  A Paul Feb 4 at 5:05

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