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The extent of my ability is in vba and asp.

I'm interested in consuming a SOAP web service from Excel or Access, mostly because it's easier for me. I've also got the wsdls for the web service which is using ws-security.

Is this even possible? From what I've read, .net is my logical option, but there's obviously a gap in my skill. Is there a library, tool, or helpful guide that might help?

Thanks, B

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I think that will be difficult with VBA.

If you can limit the functionality to Office 2003+, you can use the Visual Studio Tools for the Office Runtime (VSTOR) to develop an add-in with managed .NET code, which I expect will be a much easier route.

There is a tool that is installed with Visual Studio called wsdl.exe, which can be used to generate the appropriate classes from your wsdl.

As to the specifics of ws-security, I'm not much help.

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If you use WCF in your managed .NET addin you should be able to configure it for ws-security – AaronLS Jan 28 '10 at 6:49

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