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I embed Facebook Php SDK to my website. I use the facebook like button in my website now i want to check that a user visit my site already liked my given facebook page or not. If the user already liked my face-book page before visit my site then how can i show a message to do it. I try FB.api (user/likes/) but cant get any result... Any one can give answer in code example.. I try this but not get Any Result

       $user_profile = $facebook->api("/me/likes",'GET');
             echo "Name: " . $user_profile['name'];
              foreach($user_profile as $like)
                        echo "<pre>";

But the like array not displayed

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We told you already in the FB developers group, that you need to user_likes permission … so, did you get that before making this API call …? –  CBroe Feb 3 at 12:50
yes i get hte `user_likes' permission but not get the list and i updated my question code –  Shaheer Ali Feb 4 at 6:36
I'd be interested why this got downvoted????????? –  Shaheer Ali Feb 4 at 6:37
var_dump($user_profile); –  CBroe Feb 4 at 9:44

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If you have a Page Tab Application, you can use the SignedRequest functionality as described here: http://edcs.me/2013/05/like-gate-your-facebook-page-tab/

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I'd be interested why this got downvoted? –  Tobi Feb 3 at 20:59

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