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I am using Citrix Access Gateway to connect to a Remote Desktop and I am not able to find a way to switch between open applications. When I press 'Alt + Tab' it comes out of the remote desktop. I mean, the whole remote desktop is getting considered as 1 open application.
Is there any other keyboard shortcut to switch between open applications inside Citrix?

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  1. Close Citrix Remote Desktop, if it is already running
  2. In our local machine, Go to ‘Regedit’ and open ‘TransparentKeyPassthrough’. Set the value to ‘Remote’ and close. [hkey_local_machine -> software -> citrix -> ica client -> engine -> lockdown profiles -> all regions -> lockdown -> virtual channels -> keyboard]
  3. Login to the usual Citrix page. Before clicking on the ‘Remote Desktop’, check the ‘Preferences -> Session Settings’. Choose ‘Fullscreen’ from dropdown.
  4. Click ‘Remote Desktop’ now.
  5. Login to the Remote Desktop
  6. You should see a blue bar at the top.
  7. If you don’t see it, press ‘CTRL + ALT + PAUSE’ – Now you should see the blue bar.
  8. Try ‘ALT + TAB’ and you should be able to scroll through the open apps within remote desktop. Also, this enables you to save screenshots in the remote itself.
  9. If you want to maximize the screen even more, Press SHIFT + F2.
  10. To revert, you can press the same key combinations again.
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For my Windows 7 Citrix client, the local REGEDIT path is just like @Ramnath explains, except under the HKEY_CURRENT_USER hive –  Bkwdesign Feb 10 at 2:52

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