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If I open a serial port in thread 1 and then close it, I can open it in thread 2 and use it. In that way, I can allow multiple threads to communicate with the same port, as long as each thread closes the port and the next thread opens it.

But would it be possible to open a port in thread 1 and then communicate with it in thread 2, without closing it in thread 1 and without opening it in thread 2? Particularly for Windows?

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@PaulR I created a more specific question to find out whether this possible, independent of any other constraints such as the code in the other question. This question does not ask how to do it. –  Cerran Feb 3 at 13:27
Yes, you can use serial port handle in any thread. Of course, you need to implement application-specific synchronization according to your needs. –  Alex Farber Feb 3 at 13:44
@AlexFarber Does your answer only apply to Windows? –  Cerran Feb 3 at 21:12
AFAIK, it should work also in Linux/Unix. There are no thread restriction on file handle. –  Alex Farber Feb 4 at 8:00

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Yes, it's possible to open a serial port once and let multiple threads communicate on it. Each thread needs to know the handle of the serial port, though.

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