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I would like to create a custom error message when uploading file fails validation using Kohana 3.3. This code is getting the rules and checking them:

$image = $_FILES['image'];

$rules = Model_Image::get_file_rules();
$validation = Validation::factory($_FILES)->rules('img_file', $rules);

    throw new ORM_Validation_Exception('', $validation);

if($image['size'] > 0)
    // upload

The rules:

public static function get_file_rules()
    return array(
        array('Upload::not_empty', array(':value')),
        array('Upload::type', array(':value', array('jpg'))),
        array('Upload::size', array(':value', '10M'))

When a file is not added it throws ORM_Validation_Exception. When I print_r($e->errors) I get the following:

Array ( [img_file] => .img_file.Upload::not_empty )

I would like to create a custom error message. At the moment I have the message file /messages/image.php with the following contents:

return array(
    'filename_unique' => 'Filename must be unique',

    'img_file' => array(
        'Upload::not_empty' => 'Add something!!',

How can I create a custom message for this?

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As mentioned in the Validation guide, you should use $validation->errors().

If you want to store your messages in /messages/image.php, you have to write throw new ORM_Validation_Exception('', $validation->errors('image')); to make sure Kohana is looking for the good file containing your messages.

More informations in the API Browser.

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